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About Dan Johanson
About Dan Johanson

Adventure Sports Journal
Badjao Bridge - Southeast Asia
Braille without Boarders - Tibet
Contra Costa Times
Compassion International - Africa

Dreamcatcher Publishing
Hands of Hope - Kyrgyzstan
San Jose Mercury
San Francisco Giants
Shelters for Life - Pakistan
The Navigators - Philippines

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Everything I own can be found at my Wedding Photography Gear guide. My cameras save to two memory cards simultaneously, leaving nothing to chance. All my lenses are "prime", which is fancy talk for really good.



about dan

I love spicy homemade hummus, micro brews and a nice glass of merlot (especially after a wedding)

When possible, I'm hiking the Sierras, scuba diving the Pacific. or hopping on flight to a new country.

I really love wedding photography and capturing it all from start to finish. But after I'm home, its all about getting off my feet and into the massage chair

I love it when I become a true friend of the bride and groom. It's why I only
shoot weddings. (Sorry pets, babies, and high school seniors, I'm not for you!)

My wife and I still date. I love that. We believe our strong marriage is a work in progress and will be the greatest gift we could ever give our son.

We've recently started Badjao Bridge, which serves to help a forgotten people living on the sea.. I also shoot for non-profits around the world - that work is over at my other website.

I love shooting San Francisco Giants games, where I get to pretend I'm on the team for a few hours. Some of that work can be found here.

just weddings!

Northern California
and select Destinations